Holocaust survivor reunited with rescuers

November 24, 2011 1:45:11 PM PST
It looked like your typical Thanksgiving get together, but for one family in Scarsdale, this year's gathering spanned continents and generations. Lives linked by triumph and tragedy.

Mary Katz was 11 when the Nazis invaded her village in Lithuania. For three years she and her parents were hidden in a farmhouse by the Ruzgys, a Catholic family. Now six decades later the holocaust survivor has been reunited with her rescuers.

The families first reconnected at Kennedy Airport, reunited by the Jewish Foundation of the Righteous. That's an organization which honors non-Jews who helped protect Jews during the holocaust.

This story almost didn't have a happy ending. Katz and her parents were caught and put in jail until they were liberated by the Russians. Forty of her relatives were killed. Aurimas and Egle Ruzgys' mother was also jailed for her actions.

The Ruzgys will be in New York for 9 days. They'll do some sightseeing, attend mass at St. Patrick's Cathedral and will be acknowledged by the Israeli Ambassador to the United States.