An out of this world science experiment

November 21, 2011 2:42:26 PM PST
Three students at River Dell Regional High School hope their idea for a science experiment is judged to be out of this world.

"It's very exciting. It's a lot of research, it's a lot of finding more information about things that we didn't even think about," Haeun Sung said.

Judges in a global competition will choose a student experiment to be performed live on YouTube from the International Space Station.

The River Dell experiment would take so-called "good" bacteria to the space station's zero gravity environment.

"Hopefully, the skin flora - the bacteria that we're trying to put into this lab - will be used to help protect the surface of the human skin; maybe used as a type of prescription." Alex Calcetas said.

"We were hoping that we could send the good types of bacteria up into space and maybe they could come back stronger," Kyle Castillo said.

The contest entry is one of a number of projects as part of a student organization known as The Inventor's Club. Club members are proving that some students are very involved in thinking of the science of the future.

Two teams are working on methods to purify sea water. Another is testing technology to save the electricity used, even when cable boxes are turned off.

"It draws enough energy to burn you about five dollars per month, just per cable box," Eric Almberg explained.

Science teacher, Dr. Chin Chu, started the Inventor's Club this year.

"To me, the first and foremost important thing is to expose them to the exciting world of science and technology," Chu said. "If through this activity I can entice students to go into those fields, that would be a huge plus."