Police search for suspect in Brooklyn mechanic murder

November 21, 2011 3:07:05 PM PST
Police in Brooklyn are trying to track down the gunman who killed a well known mechanic.

The victim was shot and killed in broad daylight in his tire shop in Bushwick he had run for 13 years.

"It makes me sad. He would help you even with no money, he would do it for you," said Nelida Dhanrha.

One woman who says she saw the shooting happen was disgusted that 58-year-old Carlos Rosario's life was lost so violently, over something as inconsequential as hubcaps.

One woman was afraid to give her name but says she'd seen the man with the gun before.

"He works here! Saw him with the gun!!!! Saw him walk with it right up to him"

Nelida Dhanrha lives next door and knew the victim for 13 years.

"He was a friend, crazy. Over rims, come on..Lord have mercy."

Mr. Rosario's 84-year-old mother just made the trip here from the Dominican Republic.

She just lost her husband, the victim's father, 5 weeks ago. Right now, police are looking at surveillance video from a corner camera aimed straight at the murder scene.

Meantime, family and friends continue to gather, to console one another and leave a note, flowers or a candle.