Jersey City pastor brutally attacked

November 21, 2011 8:03:54 PM PST
Pastor Tomas Reyes had facial reconstructive surgery Monday morning to repair the extensive injuries her suffered in the attack.

Eyewitness News met Pastor Tomas Reyes at his home.

He sat down for an interview with bruises on his face after a brutal beating that happened just feet from his Jersey City townhouse.

"They used brass knuckles on this side," Tomas Reyes, the victim described.

He says at least one of the two men who attacked him used brass knuckles.

It happened a week ago. He was coming home from counseling a member of his church.

He parked his car and began walking toward his home.

That's when out of nowhere two men jumped him.

"Two guys, boom, and the other side. Big surprise," Reyes said.

It was an apparent robbery attempt that infuriated the pastor's 22-year-old son.

His 59-year-old father suffered four broken bones in his face.

But it's what's in his heart that'll surprise you the most.

He says he already forgives his attackers.

For 16 years, Reyes has been Head Pastor at Jersey City's Fountain of Salvation church.

Leading and counseling members of the community.

A photo shows Tomas Reyes and his wife Irma before, and then there is the photo taken after the 59-year-old pastor was brutally beaten in a robbery attempt last Monday.

"It was so hard to see him this way, he's such a strong man," said Tamir Reyes, the victim's daughter.

"I want to cry but I'm trying to stay strong. He's a strong man, it's the first time we've seen him like this," said Irma Reyes, the victim's wife.

The two men got away after the beating and have not been arrested.

"We have faith in God and we don't believe in holding grudges, we hope that justice is served," Tamir Reyes said.