Woman mauled by pit bulls leaves hospital

November 22, 2011 2:39:46 PM PST
A woman who required intensive care after she was attacked by two pit bulls will spend Thanksgiving with her family.

Shashi Bala Sharma of North Merrick has been at the Nassau University Medical Center for more than two months.

She was attacked as she was running on the track at Brookside School in North Merrick.

At a news conference on Tuesday, she thanked her doctors from the bottom of her heart, but then, in fear of re-living the gruesome attack, 62-year-old Shashi added only this:

"I am still recovering every day. Please respect my privacy. Thank you very much and happy Thanksgiving.".

Her doctors did describe her ordeal. Mrs. Sharma was mauled by two pit bulls in North Merrick back on September 29th.

The dogs tore through all her limbs, her muscles, her nerves, even her scalp and neck.

"We went through limb, by limb..injury by injury and defined what was missing from there," Dr. Louis Riina, plastic surgeon, said.

She also told her doctors at Nassau University Medical Center just how she saved her own life, using all her strength to get to her cell-phone, which she lost during the brutal attack.

"And recognizing that was her only way out of the predicament she was in, and having the courage and strength to crawl to the phone during the attack," Riina said.

Her 23-year-old son is convinced that scope of human strength is the main reason Mrs. Sharma is still alive.

"You wish that something like this never would've happened, but the fact that she's able to go home, and survive everything and be fully functional like she is. We're all very, very grateful and thankful for that," Suraj Sharma said.