Five arrested in ATM skimming case

November 22, 2011 2:32:34 PM PST
Sheri Roberts noticed something was wrong when her debit card was declined last month.

It didn't take long to figure out thieves had compromised her account, withdrawing about $2,000.

Investigators say the Chase ATM she used on Parkway Road in Bronxville was rigged with a skimmer, a device placed in front of the ATM's real card reader.

The skimmer records account information from the card's magnetic strip. Up above, a pinhole camera hidden in a piece of plastic molding records the customer entering his or her pin number.

Thieves then make duplicate cards to make withdrawals and purchases. Over the last few months, nearly a million dollars has been stolen in towns throughout Westchester.

Police have arrested five suspects of eastern European descent. It's believed they are part of a much larger ring.

Police offer the following advice: Cover the keypad with your hands while entering your pin. Beware of ill-fitting or loose equipment or any adhesive on an atm. If you suspect something is wrong with a machine, contact police and not the bank.

Officials stress covering up is especially effective because thieves need both the pin and magnetic info in order for the scam to work.