Wodka Vodka billboard causes controversy

November 22, 2011 3:23:02 PM PST
There's a spirited controversy over a billboard for vodka.

Some Jewish groups claim it promotes anti-Semitic stereotypes and they demanded it be taken down.

If advertisers thought that they were being witty using cute dogs and two holiday themes to sell vodka, what they got were complaints.

The new billboard on the Westside Highway read: Christmas quality, Hanukkah pricing.

Four simple words which have pushed all the wrong buttons.

The Anti-Defamation League received so many complaints about the anti-Semitic tone of the ad that they reached out to the company Tuesday and by the afternoon, workers began taking down the sign.

Later, Wodka Vodka Tweeted an apology saying: "Although rarely serious, we apologize to anyone we may have offended, and are removing our billboard immediately."

So problem solved, but is the controversy over?

A previous ad in Times Square read: Hamptons quality, Newark pricing, and another in SoHo read: Escort quality, Hooker pricing.

Same theme, different target groups.