Perfect presents at the Grand Central Holiday Fair

November 23, 2011 2:48:29 PM PST
If you're looking for a unique gift or are simply a fan of one stop shopping, head to the Grand Central Holiday Fair.

Connie Breslin and her team have been working hard, narrowing down hundreds of applications from vendors to just 76. They've introduced new booths with big names to the market this year.

"We have institutions this year," Breslin, the fair's merchandising consultant, says. "We have the New York Public Library still celebrating their hundredth, and the Museum of Modern Art on the other side."

One of the vendor booths, Heart Art, showcases delicate hearts made out of Durham's water puddy, saw dust and a dose of NYC tap water.

"People have been collecting them for decades and they love to tell their life stories, so I realize now that they're charm bracelets for the wall," says Wendy Isaacson, the Heart Art vendor.

The creations follow a common theme at the booth, as does the jewelry at Lenora Dame.

"It's handmade in the USA which is really important today," Breslin says. "And if it's made in another country the people that are running the booths and bringing in the merchandise are giving back to the country."

That is the case for the beautiful soap at the Rain booth. All the products were created as part of a job creations program in South Africa.

Art is featured in all its forms at the fair. Djordje Skendzic creates eye-catching photographs by incorporating gold leaf in the developing process.

"I wanted to photograph NYC where you can't tell when the photograph was really taken," Skendzic explains.

At Medera Bonita and Company, you'll find pieces made out of wood from Central America.

And for more personalized artifacts, swing by Bailey Doesn't Bark to create your own message on a mug, and pick one the makes your skin crawl or eyes sparkle.