What NOT to buy on Black Friday

Seven On Your Side
November 29, 2011 11:45:24 AM PST
Even Santa doesn't buy everything on his list in one day and shopping experts warn neither should you.

"People think Black Friday is a great time to buy just about everything and it's a good time to buy all kinds of things, but actually it's not a good time to buy high end items or luxury items," said Dan de Grandpre, of Dealnews.com.

Pricey splurges like diamonds, fine jewelry, and designer watches won't be part of doorbuster discounts on the biggest shopping day of the year, but costume jewelry and sporty timepieces will.

"Black Friday is really about cheap stuff at cheap prices," de Grandpre said.

The Dealnews.com editor-in-chief points to the research backing up what the website touts as it's Black Friday no-no list, items not to buy because they've proven less expensive later in the season.

For example: 2012 appointment books and Calendars.

"The discounts now are in the 25 percent range. The closer you get to New Year's Eve is where you get to 50% of and 70-80% as you get into the first of the year," de Grandpre said.

That doesn't help put presents under the tree, but if you can hold off on buying toys, a sweet spot to super save is not Black Friday, it's between December 7th and December 15th.

"They're going to start slashing prices to get rid of that inventory, now if you wait until a few days before Christmas the prices jack back up, because they're taking advantage of people who have waited to the last minute," de Grandpre said.

Certain items though will drop in price as the holiday draws closer, don't buy Christmas decorations or winter apparel. Those are not at their lowest on Black Friday.

For example: the North Face Denali jacket, the brands most popular gift .

"130 may seem like a good deal now but we've seen it as low 80, sometimes 50 at other times of the year," De Grandpre said.

Also lower later, is the giant plasma for the living room.

"High end TVs are better priced closer to the Super bowl," De Grandpre said.

Think of it like a game, and speaking of games, the Xbox, Wii and Playstation consoles haven't been updated in many years, and they may be on sale on Black Friday but will outdated soon.

If you must have the hottest holiday gifts though, don't delay, the dancing robot and flying fish are flying off store shelves.

Weigh if saving is worth disappointing the little ones when you can't find the gifts anywhere.

Now that you know what not to buy on Black Friday, we'll have more on what to buy with deals that won't last beyond Black Friday.


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