Newark woman struck by stray bullet in van

November 29, 2011 1:22:42 PM PST
Police in Newark are investigating after a stray bullet hit a woman driving a van full of students on Woodside Avenue Monday.

The bullet pierced the driver's side door of the red van.

Inside, was an innocent 59-year-old school bus driver with six high school students.

Three girls ran screaming for help, the three boys were terrified, but stayed to look after her.

"Wrong place, wrong time," Newark Police Director Samuel DeMaio said.

Newark Police Director Samuel DeMaio says it happened around 5 p.m. Monday on Woodside Avenue.

"Some kind of dispute led to a shot being fired, didn't hit intended target, went astray and hit driver of school bus in her hip," DeMaio said, "Innocent person being hit, that's something we're not going to tolerate."

The van was bringing the students back to high school after a day of work.

Christ the King Prep School is an experimental academy that places kids in jobs one day per week.

Last year 100% of its graduates went on to college.

Parents picking up their children Tuesday were horrified by the random violence.

"Just moved to the area, and I am scared about that," one parent said.

"This is like the Wild Wild West out here, these kids don't care, they just run wild," another parent said.

The police director tells Eyewitness News he's concerned about what's happening with guns.

"You look back at the kinds of weapons we used to see out here, 38s and Saturday night specials, now we routinely see the kind of weaponry, assault rifles, that they are using in Iraq are right here on our streets," DeMaio said.

"It's sad. Just crazy out here," a resident said.