Upstate NY store is made in America

November 29, 2011 2:07:31 PM PST
Bargain hunters trying to save a bundle on electronics and toys don't always care where it was made or how it got to a store's shelves. But some retailers are going the extra mile to make sure "Made in America" isn't forgotten.

Every single item in this upstate New York store is 100 percent, just like its name, made in America. Not only that, but to sell an item in this store the company's headquarters also had to be in the United States. The store opened a little more than a year ago with only about 50 different items. Now its grown to over 35,000 items supporting over 275 vendors.

It offers pretty much everything that a big box store offers, but it's all 100 percent made in America, which keeps money in the country and keeps Americans employed. It carries things like webber's mustard, lewiston jellies, chef frozen pizzas from all local companies, according to the store. The store's manager says it didn't take long for people to start buying into the idea of buying local.

And the store has grown since last year, its first year. Since then it has been advertised so much on the television and radio that the store has noticed phone calls of people asking about store hours, according to the store manager.

Customers say they think supporting small business will mean big success for everyone. They say that supporting local people is key because it is the small guy who is going to keep the country on track.