Police hunt for sexual predator in Queens

November 30, 2011 2:19:40 PM PST
Police in Queens are looking for a suspected sexual predator who is preying on young girls.

The man police say sexually molested two 12 year old girls in this quiet Elmhurst, Queens neighborhood.

In both instances, a man in a white car pretended to ask for directions, lured the victim to the vehicle, touched her inappropriately and then drove off.

"I haven't even heard about it and he doesn't look familiar," Jelissa Duncan said. "It makes me nervous. I work around here and it makes me very nervous."

Those who live and work in this neighborhood are understandably concerned, describing the community as quiet, safe and filled with children.

"There's a lot of kids coming from the subway going home, from school, from the mall," Betty Boetel said.

Police are taking these incidents seriously. Investigators spent the morning canvassing the area.

They were especially interested in the video security system at the nearby Ascension Roman Catholic Church, residents said.

"Because we have cameras up here and they wanted to see our video if there was anything that they seen on it. But as far as I know-nothing," Tom Sullivan, the church custodian, said.

Anyone who may recognize the suspect, said to be about 40 years old, is asked to call police.