Giving up technology

December 6, 2011 2:09:33 PM PST
We've all become dependent on computers, smart phones and gadgets in general, and for teenagers, technology seems as vital as oxygen.

So, what happens when teens are asked to give up the gadgets and try to a non-tech life?

No cell phones, no computer, no iPods, no radios in the car.

Tennessee students like English teacher Stephen Womack, except during his technology challenge.

Some got half-way through the challenge and thought it wasn't worth it, some made it three days and some didn't even make it a day.

Thirty-six or 72 hours, even a week without things they have at their disposal every second.

Why do it?

Womack asks 'why not?'

But it isn't the phones and new electronics that are the hardest things to give up. It's old school technology like the car radio. Some found it hard to ride around in silence.

In the years Womack has done the technology challenge only three students made it through the week and lots have tried.

How would you do?

Womack didn't make it through the interview.