Board meeting held over grade changing scandal

December 7, 2011 6:30:46 PM PST
Hundreds of people attended the South County Central School District's board meeting tonight after allegations of grade fixing were made against Superintendent Joe Cipp Jr.

The crowds started yelling at the board when they voted immediately to go into executive session to discuss the allegations. A board member said it was because the issues are serious and they haven't had a chance to meet about them yet.

Cipp, the former long time coach of the Bellport football team, was accused of pressuring a principal to change the math grades of a star player so he could qualify for a scholarship at Syracuse.

The principal, Kevin O'Connell, says he was fired for refusing to change the grades.

Cipp denies the allegations and said he was falsely accused. He ordered an investigation into the school's grading practices. He also said he is appointing an independent investigator to review the allegations.

No changes were made to Cipp's status with the District.