Couples holiday spending

December 8, 2011 2:10:56 PM PST
It's supposed to be a time of year when everyone's happy, but factor in the economy, shopping and gift decisions, the holidays can take a toll on couples.

A survey from the couples website, the-nest-dot-com found: 69 percent of couples said they create a budget together at the start of the season, but 73 percent of women said they do the bulk of the holiday shopping. Forty-two percent of women said they wish their spouse would do more to help during the holidays. And couples that seemed the most stress-free were the ones making a team effort.

They go out with a mentality of this is what we are buying and this is how much we are spending. They don't shop for themselves but they shop for everyone on their list.

And when it comes to that list, one group in particular seems to cause stress.

Stress comes primarily from the in-laws according to couples.

Sixty-two percent of women surveyed said their in-laws are the most difficult people to shop for. So perhaps men should shop for their family, and women for theirs, to take some stress out of the mix.