Ornaments and menorahs

December 8, 2011 2:50:59 PM PST
Michael Aram is a craft based designer.

"I'm just thinking of spring now and working on spring 2013," he said.

As Aram thinks of spring he draws and paints his visions, many of which will become the things that adorn your home.

"It's odd I got into people's homes who I've just met and say oh there's a piece, that's what I do."

And he's been doing it for nearly 25 years. He moved to India in the late 80s and now he splits his time between New York and India where his pieces are made of nickel, brass and steel.

"My work is handmade, has a lot of intent democratic side."

Because they are so affordable he turns the perfunctory pretty.

And for the holidays, there are ornaments, elegant and sweet, and menorahs that are sculptural works.

"We sell it, flexibility and universality to it."

And almost always, nature plays a part in his work.

All his pieces start with some kind of sketch that may soon be something that makes your home a little prettier.

"I always love making things, gives me so much pleasure," he said.

For more information please visit: http://www.michaelaram.com/