Woman claims livery cab driver abducted her

December 8, 2011 6:06:51 PM PST
A woman says she was abducted by a livery cab driver and taken to an abandoned parking lot where a stranger came to her rescue.

She called 911 and the TLC, she even has the cab number, but says nothing has been done.

Utara Jones was standing on the side of the street one week ago.

It was what happened over the next hour that continues to terrify her.

"I raised my hand to hail a cab," Jones said.

Jones begins her story on First Avenue at 120th Street hailing a livery cab.

125th Street, she told the driver.

"But he didn't go to 125th Street. He got on Triborough, he ignored me, 'excuse me sir', silence," Jones said.

He continued along the bridge, as Jones tells it, through the toll plaza and onto Randall's Island.

Her cell phone records show that she called the livery base.

Hearing a recording, she hung up and dialed 911, pleading for help for 7 minutes.

In a deserted area, surrounded by piles of rocks and dirt on Randall's Island, Jones was frantic.

"I screamed why are you here?" Jones said, "He said, 'We need to talk', 911, they hear everything and they didn't send anyone to help me.

But then, seemingly out of the emptiness, a stranger appeared.

"He said, 'What are you doing?' The driver said, 'I'm lost.' He asked me, 'Are you ok?' 'No I'm not okay,'" Jones said.

There, in the middle of Randall's Island, Jones said the stranger pulled a knife, got in the passenger side of the vehicle, and forced the driver to take them all back to Harlem.

The driver, who'd just claimed to be lost, had no trouble finding 125th Street.

Utara Jones ran straight to police with the cab's license number and the base number.

"I call every day, I gave them to police. No one has contacted me," Jones said.

Her cell phone records show 12 calls to two precincts over the last few days and a call to the DA's office, too.

Though a spokesman there says policy prevents them from commenting.

However: "The TLC confirms having received the complaint after it was filed with 311 in the early morning hours (2:36 a.m.) of December 2nd. The TLC, however, deferred to the NYPD as it is a criminal matter."

"I can't live my life in fear, I just don't want it to happen to anyone else," Jones said.

Eyewitness News called the NYPD about Jones' claims and submitted a written request for comment.

Eyewitness News has not received a comment at this point.