Color-coded New Jersey map of stereotypes

December 8, 2011 2:39:30 PM PST
A man from New Jersey has created his own color-coded map of New Jersey, filled with stereotypes from different parts of the state.

He says it's a good-natured joke, but others aren't laughing.

Take a look at a Jersey map spelled out like you've never seen before.

Its creator is 22-year-old Joe Steinfeld.

He's color-blocked the state according to the people he says, mostly live there.

Like the northern tip of Jersey he says it is rednecks and retired hippies.

The southern tip has Canadians and Philly trash.

There are regions of friendly white families.

There are sad black people and misguided tourists near Atlantic City, an Indian area, Jewish area, poor minorities near Elizabeth, which is where Eyewitness News is showing the map to people.

"It's like freedom of speech in a way. He's racist, he disrespected Elizabeth. I'm upset about that," one person said.

"I don't think it's appropriate. It's kind of labeling people," said Sharon Ortiz, an Elizabeth resident.

"In a way it's funny, in a way it's not," said Steve Kocinski, an Elizabeth resident.

Eyewitness News did try to get an interview with Joe, but he said no.

He said the story got bigger than he wanted it to.

Seems it got too famous, or infamous.

"Racist and very offensive," said Sherrod Britt, an Elizabeth resident.

"I got nothing against him. Nice map," said Johnny White, an Elizabeth resident.

About the map, Joe's boss at the Department of Environmental Protection says, "It exemplified poor judgment on his part. It's a bit disappointing."

Joe's not talking, but others are.

"I would throw it away. I would not even look through it. Its offensive, I think," another person said.