Roselle Park residents rally for their post office

December 8, 2011 8:09:34 PM PST
Dozens of people in New Jersey rallied Thursday night to save their post office. It's one of the thousands set to be closed in the country.

For so many people their post office is something of a lifeline, where they pay their bills the old fashioned way, they mail them.

It wasn't the biggest rally you'll ever see, but then again, Roselle Park isn't the biggest town you'll ever visit.

That may be why the local post office means so much to the people who live here.

"This is a small town, you're picking on small town people. It's not right," said Jeanette Taveras, a Roselle Park resident.

"We have a lot of seniors here who depend on this! My post office closed," said Mary Ann Jackinowitz, a Roselle Park resident.

The Roselle Park Post Office is just one of 3,700 locations the U.S. Postal Service is looking to shut down, nationwide.

It's a move intended to save roughly two billion dollars from a system that is basically broke.

"Things have changed in our business and like any responsible business you have to react to that," said the Postmaster General.

But critics say it's about more than nostalgia, more than the inconvenience of travelling farther to buy stamps and mail packages.

It's about losing middle-class jobs at a time when the nation needs more not fewer.

"Senior citizens use it, so, it's vital to us," Roselle Park Mayor Joe Accardi said.