Surfing workout helps you feel the burn

December 13, 2011 6:59:57 PM PST
Combine a surf board, rock music and the sounds of crashing waves and you get the latest fitness craze.

Sarah Ponn teaches people surfing moves like padding, pushing up and grinding, minus the water, using a surfboard fixed onto medicine balls inside a gym.

This is a full body work out a lot of people don't even feel it until they get home and anyone can do it.

"We never want to isolate one particular muscle group we want it to be full body. When you do a lunge on here you're working your sides, your core, your back everything. Same with the paddle it's not just a row it's everything at the same time including the cardio you're going to get," said Sarah Ponn, the instructor.

There are just 8-10 people per class for more hands on training.

It's coming to the sports center at Chelsea Piers right after the holidays.

"Every new year in January you get a lot of new people coming to gyms. Everybody turns over the same leaf. You know this year is going to be the year. So it's nice to have a lot of options for people," said Erica Schietinger, of Chelsea Piers.

The surfing workout is great for off season training or for people new to the sport.

"From a physical stand point it's spot on. Obviously you don't get reward of riding the actual wave," said Mike Hartwick, the developer of the workout, "As far as the muscle groups you work it's almost identical to surfing."

The classes run $35.

But if you want one of these surfboards for at home use it'll run you just under $800.

Tried class Abby nelson says "It was a great workout, you wobble a little, but I don't care if I fall it won't hurt. The burn is awesome," said Abby Nelson, a class participant.

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