Non-profits servicing military families are struggling

December 17, 2011 10:48:44 AM PST
President Obama marked the end of the war earlier this week but with thousands of troops still stationed across the globe, non-profit organizations are struggling.

"People are not donating because they think all military will be home for the holidays but they forget that these men and women have nothing," says ARMS Executive Director Ronnie Micciulla.

Since the beginning of the war, non-profit organizations like ARMS, American Recreational Military Services, have played a big role in helping the families of service men and women during the holiday season by providing the children of the military with new toys.

However, this year the organization is struggling to meet need.

"There are over 2,100 children in our area whose parents are still deployed. We only have 1,500 to give out," says Micciulla.

Since 2003 ARMS and the Little Soldiers project have served as a Santa of sorts for thousands of military children.

Military personnel supplies the organization with a wish list of gifts for each child in the New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania area and through the Little Soldiers project, ARMS makes each child's wish come true.

Besides providing presents for the children, ARMS also provides the troops with boxes of supplies, like toothpaste and soap, "basic needs that we all take for granted," she says.

Many factors may have contributed to the decline of donations this year.

In 2011, the unemployment rate reached a 9.8% and home values declined nationwide.

"Times are tough for everyone, we get it," says Micciulla. "But these families are in dire need."

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