Two young men arrested in homeless beating

December 19, 2011 8:00:00 PM PST
Two young men are under arrest after they allegedly severely beat a homeless man and then posted the video of the assault online.

If these two young men thought it was fair game to punch and kick and torment a homeless man, if they thought it would be hilarious to post it all on YouTube, what they got instead was a hostile backlash and the heavy hand of the law.

"That's honestly disgusting because, you don't know that guy's story, you don't know why he's homeless, everybody just assumes their bums, it's honestly just disgusting," a resident said.

It happened in a wooded area in Wall Township, New Jersey. You see the pair, identified by police as 20-year-old Taylor Giresi and a 17-year-old minor, repeatedly assault and torture a local homeless man.

Then, after issuing apologies and giving the man a hug, the taller of the two knees the homeless man in the gut.

It is relentless, heartless, senseless, and what's even more disturbing is one resident told Eyewitness News is that the young men hang out with the victim, perhaps using the older man as a way to get alcohol and now as a punching bag as well.

"That's rotten, especially this time of year," a resident said.

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