Subway doors close with baby inside without mother

December 21, 2011 2:19:17 PM PST
A local mother suffered some terrifying moments when she was getting on a subway with her child.

She pushed the stroller onto the train, the doors closed, but she was still outside on the platform.

The subway then left the station.

How do you lose a baby on the subway? Just ask Crissy Balliram.

"The train closed with the carriage and the baby inside while I was left on the platform," Balliram said.

The worst happened Tuesday morning as Balliram boarded a downtown number 6 train at 33rd Street with her 23-month-old son Jason in a carriage.

As she pushed the baby buggy onto the train, the doors closed, separating mother and child.

"I just blocked my face and started screaming, 'Oh my God, my baby,'" Balliram said.

Two Good Samaritans jumped into action, one man on the platform helped Crissy call 911, while another on the departing train signaled he'd meet her at the next stop.

When Balliram finally arrived at the next subway stop at 28th Street, she found the Good Samaritan, several transit officers and an unaware and unharmed Jason waiting on the platform.

"I just ran, grabbed him and hugged and kissed him. Lots of kisses," Balliram said.

Balliram says she's run into problems before with the stroller and closing subway car doors, not to mention having to worry about the gap between the platform and the trains.

She says she has filed a complaint with the MTA, but right now she's more concerned with thanking the man, she doesn't know his name, who helped re-unite her and Jason.

"Thank you so very much. Oh my God, I don't know what I would have done without him," Balliram said.

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