Build It Green opens new warehouse

December 22, 2011 4:08:35 AM PST
Build It Green is a non-profit organization dedicated to keeping perfectly good building materials out of landfills.

They just opened a second salvage warehouse in Gowanus, Brooklyn.

For people who donate these materials, they get a tax write off. For people looking to buy doors, sinks or cabinets, they are getting an incredible deal. The price is anywhere from 30 to 70 percent cheaper than retail.

How about a brand new five thousand dollar hot tub for 15-hundred dollars, or a sleek custom kitchen that cost 70-thousand dollars, now available for 15-thousand? These incredible deals can be found at Build It Green on 9th Street in Gowanus.

It's a sort of goodwill meets Home Depot. Forty percent of waste is construction based, which clogs landfills.

"There are a lot of environmental implications of wasting all that wood, plumbing fixtures, the cabinets. All this stuff that gets thrown out, a lot of it is really perfectly fit," director Justin Green said.

Build It Green's Astoria warehouse is such a success, organizers jumped at the chance to open a facility in Brooklyn.

The high end merchandise is amazing: stainless steel appliances, some never used; solid wood mantels; entire custom kitchen cabinet sets that cost a fraction of what they are worth.

Part of the fun for Karen Overton is seeing what will come through the door.

"Any given day is a different treasure trove of inventory coming into this store. My favorite was the zinc top industrial art school desk. It's huge and it has such charm," Overton said.

A surplus of clay pots has been a hot item since being donated. Jeremy Sanders bought two for 50 dollars. He's a regular at build it green.

"This one is much closer for me. I live in Brooklyn. I was excited, but it's also a little bit dangerous that it is so close by. I might bring home more stuff than I have room for," he said.

Build It Green also donates materials to schools, community gardens and habitat for humanity, as well as launching a composting program.

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