Student wrestler overcomes battle with MRSA

Nick Mauriello Jr.

December 23, 2011 7:30:42 AM PST
A high school wrestler is making the comeback of his life, after winning the fight for his life.

Last January, Nick Mauriello Jr. was diagnosed with MRSA and with complications that threatened to kill him.

Anyone can catch MRSA.

In fact, experts say 30% of the population carries the potentially deadly bacteria, which are usually transmitted harmlessly through skin to skin contact.

They are especially common in close quarters, like a wrestling ring.

An infection can start if the bacteria gets into an open cut.

In Nick's case, he got a scrape on his wrist, during a wrestling match.

He spent 19 days in Stony Brook University Medical Center. Mauriello lost almost a third of his body-weight and nearly died.

He has made an amazing recovering since then. Now, he's the "number one" ranked wrestler in his weight class in Suffolk County. He won his first 10 matches this season.

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