7 Blocks: Flatiron District

7 Blocks

December 23, 2011 2:02:12 PM PST
We are exploring the neighborhood around another commuter stop.

This time we take you into a historic section of Manhattan to learn what there is to see within 7 blocks of the 23rd street station.

The station is located at the intersection of 23rd st, Broadway and 5th avenue and is better known as the flatiron district

Right outside the station, you find why they call it that. Shaped like a pizza slice, the flatiron building is one of NYC's most popular buildings. When it was built in 1902 it was considered a groundbreaking skyscraper. The unique shape causes the winds to whip through the area with tremendous force and many people at the time wondered if the building could withstand it all.

Tourists today are still amazed.

Across from the station is Madison Square Park. The original Madison Square Garden sports arena was located in this area and is where the current arena got its name. It is a popular location filled with and surrounded by monuments to war hero's.

There are many prominent buildings surrounding the park but few can match the majesty of the Appellate Division Courthouse of New York State. White marble sculptures of historic figures line the rooftop and inside stained glass and ornate murals frame a space rich with legal history. The coat room still has a place for when the lawyers wore top hats and carried canes.

The grandeur stands in stark contrast to a museum just a block away from the station, the Museum of Sex. From the first kiss on film, Thomas Edison is to thank for that to the mating rituals of the animal world.

This museum has it all. I mean all! It is for adults only and much of it is very graphic. However, we found a wide variety of people exploring the exhibitions dedicated to the cultural impact of human sexuality in our society.

New York City history, historic architecture, and a green retreat can all be found within 7 blocks of the 23rd street stop in the Flatiron District of Manhattan.


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