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December 23, 2011 12:03:36 PM PST
If you haven't yet turned off your smart phone or headed out of town for the holiday weekend we invite you to send us your holiday thoughts as the team of Ritter, Goldberg and Maxfield gather on Sunday morning, Christmas morning and the sixth day of Hanukkah and continue our 10-year tradition at Eyewitness News of reading viewer emails on Dec. 25.

We've expanded how you can reach me this time around. You can, still, send your messages HERE or to my email, Bill.S.Ritter@ABC.Com or write it directly on our Facebook page. (That's a big change in the past 10 years.)

I hope you join us on Ch. 7 Sunday morning starting at 6 a.m. Dip in whenever you can we're on the air till 10 a.m. (with a break for Good Morning America at 8 a.m.), and you can send us your emails anytime during that period or before.

I also hope you'll join us tonight on Eyewitness News at 11. We'll have any breaking news of the night, plus Meteorologist Lee Goldberg's weekend AccuWeather forecast, and Rob Powers with the night's sports, and a preview of tomorrow's big game between the Giants and Jets.

We're also taking a closer look Donald Trump's political wind-change today ? he's dropped his Republican Party affiliation (this is the guy who was going to moderate a Republican candidate's debate, after toying with jumping into the race, only to be snubbed by most of the candidates who didn't want to participate with him) and is now an "independent."

Does this mean that he is indeed eyeing a candidacy?

We'll tell you what VW is now doing with company-owned blackberrys ? they're turning them off when the workers punch out. No more 24/7 availability. A trend? Don't count on it. And our Nina Pineda has a story about man who took a job as a driver for visiting nurse service who, after six weeks on the job, hadn't gotten paid. That's when he decided to get some additional coverage by calling Nina and getting 7 On Your Side.

I hope you can join Sade Baderinwa and me, tonight at 11, right after 20/20. One more note: this column will resume on Tuesday, Dec. 27.


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