Rep. King on Georgia woman's death

December 26, 2011 5:27:30 PM PST
A deadly police shooting in Georgia has a local connection.

Cops killed a woman accused of sending threatening packages to local lawmakers in New York.

Lawmakers get a lot of threats in the mail, but these threats seemed straight out of mobster movie: one congressman received a bloody severed pig's foot.

Homeland Security says these threats are a problem that's not going away.

The story ended in Marietta, Georgia. Police responded to an alarm, and when they knocked on an apartment door, the woman inside attacked them.

Police shot and killed her.

The woman was 53-year-old Jameela Barnette.

The post office said that she had sent threatening packages to New York State Senator Greg Ball, and Long Island Congressman and Homeland Security Committee Chair Peter King.

"After I held hearings on Islamic radicalization, I received a bloody pig's foot. It was actually sent to my Washington office and intercepted by the postal authorities in Baltimore. Then, they tracked it back to this woman in Marietta, Georgia," Rep. Peter King said.

Kings' Islamic radicalization hearings took a lot of heat last spring.

American Muslims, including the one shot in Georgia, said King was calling all Muslims radical despite the majority that love this country and obey the law.

King says that's not so.

"There is no Islamaphobia in this country, any more than there is anti-Christian or any other. There is so much exaggeration by radical Muslims in the media," King said.

The Georgia woman had sent New York State Senator Greg Ball a package containing a hate filled letter, a perfume vial and a toy monkey with the Star of David on it.

It forced State Police to close his office for a while.

Eyewitness News could not reach Ball for comment.

Congressman King says despite killing Osama bin Laden and other terror leaders, threats from that woman and others are becoming a growing problem.

"This is as dangerous now as it ever was, it's a different kind of enemy, and it's not a large centralized al Qaida. Its individual cells, its lone wolves, and its people who are being radicalized over the internet," King said.

Congressmen King says Homeland Security must do a better job with homegrown threats now that the U.S. has eliminated many of al Qaida's leaders.

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