Tips to get out of parking tickets

December 26, 2011 8:10:42 PM PST
For anyone who's ever gotten a parking ticket in New York City, and there are 10 million of those every year, a way to fight back.

A local man has an online campaign to get out of parking tickets.

His tips are free, and he's usually right.

You can fight city hall.

Jack Richer has saved more than $350 by fighting tickets over the past year.

"He's helped me win those. One I took the discount on again, but four others I've won. He's very helpful," Richer said.

The man he's talking about is Larry Berezin.

He's a lawyer who runs the website

Berezin gives loads of free advice on his site, including a ticket on which he points out spots where one can possibly find a ticket-erasing mistake!

"So if it's a no standing zone and they charge you with no parking and you can prove it, present the proper proof properly, you win, you beat the ticket," said Larry Berezin, of

Eyewitness News asked him if any of this is untoward, immoral or illegal, he says no way, this is all working within the parameters of the law.

"When you're right, fight! Knowledge is power," Berezin said.

That power translates into money.

"Regular people, 60-70%," Berezin said.

So what does that mean they pay? What happens to the orange calling card?

"Erased, done, zero eradicated, nada, (Do they have to go to traffic court?) No," Berezin said.

He says one big thing to document with pictures is the address of where you were parked when ticketed and the date.

Make sure you have proof and spend at least as much time sticking up for yourself as the agent spent writing the ticket.

"They put the wrong address, they put the wrong violation, they put the wrong information about the vehicle on the ticket, and that's a valid reason to have it thrown out, and that's New York City regulations," Richer said.

He says you can wave some of those tickets goodbye.

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