Keeping imagination alive for kids

December 28, 2011 1:49:33 PM PST
Kids are playing with their new digital toys they just got from Santa, with technology and organized sports; much of it is interactive which is great.

But what's missing is imagination.

Now there's a new push to bring back the world of make believe.

There's a new twist on the typical parties at the Pump it up Party Zone on Long Island. Now kids can play on the giant inflatable's and also embark on a super hero journey.

"We have pirate themed party and also super hero parties...The party experience is very interactive it definitely lets the kids use their imagination to the fullest and become the character they want to be," said Catherine Logozz, co-owner of Pump it Up.

Unstructured free play is an activity or game that's initiated and created by a child with his or her own imagination. The new concern is that kids aren't getting enough

It's a tough concept to prove or quantify but its thought that unstructured creative playtime can impact brain development and increase creativity and problem solving skills

Without guidelines, kids can do their own thing or work as a team and negotiate challenges.

"When you talk about imaginative play creativity make believe you're talking about things that stimulate the right brain that's great for emotional is thinking out of the box," adds Logozz.