How to keep your diet a secret

December 30, 2011 1:37:04 PM PST
Ask pretty much anyone, and chances are "losing weight" is one of their resolutions for the New Year.

But before you announce your new goals for 2012 to the world, diet experts say you may want to keep your diet news to yourself.

Spilling the beans about your weight loss plans to certain people could sabotage your success.

"You have to be very particular on who you choose. Make sure they are people who are going to encourage you and not hinder you and your success," says Tara Harwood, Cleveland Clinic.

And one study from New York University tested out another theory.

It found the majority of people who tell someone about their weight loss goal *do not* meet that goal because the recognition they get for their intention is taken as an accomplishment.

In other words, if you tell people you plan to lose 15 pounds, and they congratulate your efforts, you no longer feel as motivated to follow through with exercise or healthy eating because you already feel good about yourself.

"You do want to tell some people, however, for the most part keep it to yourself and let other people gradually notice these changes in you," adds Harwood.

And if those healthy changes or actual weight loss are the reason you get the pat on the back, you'll be more motivated to continue.

So what should you do, or who you should tell this year? You can start by looking at your own past?

"If every single year around new year's you told every single person your new year resolutions, and it didn't work, maybe you should try something different. Keep it to yourself, tell one or two key people, letting those people actually encourage you and help you along the way and maybe this year you'll meet your goals," adds Harwood.

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