Refund battle for dental implants

Seven On Your Side
January 3, 2012 2:29:27 PM PST
A woman was owed more than $10,000 by her dentist who never completed some dental implant work that left her with a post in her mouth.

Everything baby Dylan does puts a smile on new mom Yu Ling Liao's face, but the registered nurse has learned to laugh with her mouth closed, because she is embarrassed about a metal post she has in place of a tooth.

"I've been waiting two years to have it done," Liao said.

The hole where a molar should be has her chewing lopsided for two years, it's a nuisance, yet nothing compared to the challenge of getting a refund from her dentist for the incomplete work.

"He owed me about $10,000. ($10, 000 and he said no problem you'll get it back?) Yes, Nina in a check. (And when was this?) He promised me and we've been calling him since July," Liao said.

The dentist, Dr. William Eliades, sent a letter to Yu Ling last October 4th promising a refund by November 1st. But the check was never in the mail.

Yu Ling had paid the dentist close to $20,000 up front.

The dentist completed two implants but then, she says, kept delaying the rest of the work.

"There was always canceling of the appointment, and then I got there and things are ready, and they don't call you, so that's when I decided I can't it anymore," Liao said.

7 On Your Side contacted her dentist at Queens Family Dental, the office manager blamed the patient, insisting she was the one who was MIA, throughout what is a lengthy procedure to complete.

Nonetheless, the office promised payment in full, but instead sent her three post-dated checks.

"I am frustrated again," Liao said.

So 7 On Your Side got back in touch with the dentist, his office said money problems made the post checks necessary. But they sent another check, this time for the full amount she was due.

"Thank you very much guys, without you this wouldn't have been possible," Liao said.

Yu Ling will use that money to finally complete that crown. The prior dental work was checked out by her new dentist and it all looks perfect, so there are no problems there.



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