Did bullying lead to a teen's suicide?

January 3, 2012 2:19:12 PM PST
Keith Cummings can't hold back the tears as he remembers his 15 year old niece.

"We lost a life over this and it's really not necessary. Totally not necessary for this to happen," he said.

Two days after Christmas, Amanda Cummings took her own life by throwing herself into the path of an on-coming city bus on Staten Island's Hylan Boulevard.

Her uncle now says bullying was a factor in her suicide.

"Amanda begged her mother not to say anything for the simple fact that she'd be picked on more or they'd make fun of her more," Cummings said.

He says even as Amanda lay on life support at Staten Island University Hospital, inappropriate comments were posted on her Facebook profile.

He claims the bullies are other female classmates at New Dorp High School, where Amanda was a sophomore.

The bullying was apparently never reported to the school.

Her cousin, Brendin, is a freshman there, but said he was unaware of any bullying until the last week.

Amanda left a suicide note referring to a recent break-up with an older boyfriend. Her family believes that failed relationship, coupled with the bullying, was simply too much for the sensitive teen.

Grief stricken relatives have set-up a memorial blog for the young woman described as "gentle and artistic."

Her uncle says he will continue to fight to keep others from being bullied.

"Somebody's gotta do something about it," he said.

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