Skee ball company sues Brooklyn bar

January 3, 2012 8:14:44 PM PST
A bar has embraced the old neighborhood game of skee ball in Brooklyn by putting it in its name.

But the company that makes skee ball doesn't like that so it's suing.

Adding some spice, the company used to be located in Brooklyn.

"This is the skee ball Mecca. This is a magical place," said Anthony Guerino, patron.

It's all the rage with hipsters in Williamsburg.

The Full Circle Bar is the self-proclaimed "National Home of BrewSkee-Ball."

"Everybody loves this game from when they were kids. They get to relive that dream as adults with friends," said Eric Pavony, the owner.

It is sort of like bowling, but players roll wooden balls up an incline and aim for holes instead of pins.

Skilled players say you need a strategy to win.

"Go to the corners for 100 but you could miss. You need to work out your strategy if you're not good enough to hit the 100," said Brian Matlack, a patron.

But the machine's manufacturer, Skee Ball Incorporated, claims its trademark infringement and yanked the bar owners into Brooklyn Federal Court.

But the bar's lawyer explains it's doing the manufacturer a favor by keeping the frenzy alive.

"You would think they would be promoting it. They get money for the machines and keep the interest," Matlack said.

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