Matchmaker will help you find love, for a price

January 4, 2012 8:17:53 PM PST
How much would you pay to find your perfect match? Many people are willing to pay into the thousands!

Lisa Clampitt is not just any matchmaker in New York City.

Her company, VIP Life, caters to very wealthy men.

Her rate begins at $12,000 a year, but frankly many of her clients pay at least $20,000 to find "Miss Wonderful".

"I have guys who made it and feel like it means nothing because they don't have a partner, so they come here," Clampitt said.

Lisa will accept only 30 clients at a time.

Despite that, her intimate business has doubled in the last few years.

It seems the recession has not taken a bite out of high end cupids.

"The reality is money doesn't matter. It's who you're with, who you bond with, have a family with," Clampitt said.

Di Ana is one of 2,000 lovely women the men can choose to date.

Women do not pay.

"Some people may go to clubs or other New York City lifestyles, spend a lot of money. This is a much better investment to find more quality," Di Ana Pisarri, a prospective date said.

Both men and women are intensely screened and counseled so as not to waste anyone's time.

Lisa also provides another service for a hefty fee: Free live-long couple's counseling.

Because it's not just about setting up dates, it's about making them last.

Lisa says her clients have the financial success to weather any economic downturn, but what they don't have is time and the opportunity to meet the right person.

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