The 'hole in the wall' burglar strikes again

January 5, 2012 1:42:40 PM PST
The sneaky burglar who has already hit more than a dozen businesses in Manhattan struck again Wednesday night.

This time his target was a clothing store in Harlem.

Late Thursday, some of the stores on Third Avenue in East Harlem repaired the damage left behind by the burglar.

There's mostly ceiling damage, because that's the way he's breaking in.

According to store owners and managers, it's happened repeatedly.

Avner Levy is the owner of a store called American Outlet and says he's looking forward to the day when the burglar's off the streets.

His story is similar to what Eyewitness News heard next door at Jans Clothing store, another commercial business hit by the suspect.

It all happened in a matter of minutes.

One store manager called the suspect a ninja because he's quick on his feet.

He could be tied to a series of burglaries.

Between mid November and late December there have been about 15 late night burglaries of businesses around 125th Street and Lenox Avenue.

He's good at eluding surveillance cameras but police did manage to get one decent video.

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