7 On Your Side investigation leads to arrest

Seven On Your Side
January 9, 2012 8:14:26 PM PST
7 On Your Side is credited with putting an alleged con-man behind bars.

The Bergen County Prosecutor announced the indictment and arrest of an equipment salesman accused of defrauding customers in New York and New Jersey.

The prosecutor's office says it wouldn't have happened without 7 On Your Side's information received from Nina Pineda.

"Look at their faces, these are the people you took money from," 7 On Your Side's Nina Pineda said.

"I didn't take money from anybody! Who?" said Jack Abramson, the defendant.

Still denying he's done anything wrong, a handcuffed but still defiant Jack Abramson wound up where he couldn't escape 7 On Your Side's cameras, facing a Superior Court Judge.

"I did not do these things," Abramson said.

The restaurant equipment salesman was indicted on more than 30 counts of theft by deception. He's accused of stealing $200,000 from customers, all were small business owners.

"Attempts were made four years ago, but we were unable to find him," said Det. Bill Hammer, Bergen County Prosecutor's Office.

"That four-year-old thing is a total myth!" Abramson said.

Watching him in court, were two former customers.

More than a year ago, the owners of Hoboken Farmboy and T & N Liquor in Brooklyn contacted 7 On Your Side, accusing Abramson of taking $16,000 in deposit money but never delivering their fridges.

Last year, 7 On Your Side alerted the Bergen County Prosecutor of our consumers' complaints, urging them to begin an investigation.

"I applaud you and I applaud your station for doing what you do," said John Molinelli, Bergen County Prosecutor.

Prosecutor John Molinelli's white collar crime division would find 28 more victims owed anywhere from $200 to $20,000 apiece.

"When you take deposits and don't make good on a contract, that's a crime!" Molinelli said.

But Jack had a few choice words for his accusers.

"That's bull****, they're right here in the hall," Abramson said.

"I was very happy that Nina and all the crew got him," said Roman Sharma, owner, Hoboken Farmboy.

"All kind of law enforcement they tried to get this guy and stop him and thanks to you, one less con man on the street," said Chris Mellin, of T & N Liquors.

Jack Abramson has a formal arraignment at the end of this month, the court will be asking him to pay restitution to the customers he's accused of defrauding, if he's convicted he could spend up to 10 years behind bars.


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