Bronx residents waking up to slashed tires

Several residents have been waking up to find that their tires have been slashed in the Bronx (WABC)

January 11, 2012 2:29:10 PM PST
There is a community meeting in the Bronx Wednesday night to talk about a rash of tire slashings.

For the past five days, people in at least two neighborhoods have woken up to find their tires flattened and their cars scratched.

Some car owners in the Bronx have been waking up flattened tires for days.

In some cases all four have been apparently slashed by vandals.

"Not one, not two, four tires," said Geraldo Garcia, an area worker.

Geraldo Gracia works as a porter in a building near 168 and Forest in Morrisania.

He says he watched all morning as distressed vehicle owners discovered the senseless damage.

"Look right there; look at that one on the corner. You see, go that way on that street you got five cars more," Garcia said.

One woman looked-on helplessly as her Toyota Highlander, with its four deliberately flattened tires, was loaded onto a flatbed truck for repairs.

Parked just behind her was Rafael Olmeda who inspected the damage to his Nissan.

"I'm pretty fortunate that only one tire got slashed and not all four," Olmeda said.

Police in the Bronx confirm they are investigating a series of tire slashings over the last five days, most are centered in Mott Haven and neighboring Morrisania.

The vandals appear to be striking in the early morning hours, and that's helped Victor Letren avoid trouble.

"I got off easy because at night I work the overnight shift: 11 p.m. to 7 p.m. So, I'm lucky," Letren said.

Many others driver haven't been so fortunate.

Jose Castillo says he's not angry about his intentionally scratched-up hood and two slashed tires, just concerned about the cost of repairs.

But others are fed up.

"We need some help here, um, somebody, we're reaching out for help because we don't know what to do," said Louis Lindsay, a neighbor.

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