PSE&G warns of prepaid card scam

January 12, 2012 8:16:38 PM PST
There's new information about that scam that's making the rounds of some utility customers in New Jersey.

It's also sparking a warning because the scammers are targeting Spanish speaking customers.

The phone call that almost cost the Gonzales family hundreds of dollars came just before Christmas.

"He said if you don't pay we'll cut off the electricity," said Cardidad Gonzales, the victim.

The thing is, the Gonzales' didn't owe money, and they had records to prove it.

The man on the phone told Mr. Gonzales in Spanish to put the money on a green dot prepaid cards, you can get them at convenience stores, and call him back with the information.

They're not alone.

"But now the calls are really coming in very quickly," said Bonnie Sheppard, PSE&G.

PSE&G knows of about 150 victims of the scam, but there could be many more.

"If you get a telephone call from anybody who purports to be from PSE&G whether they are talking about a payment issue or something else, if you have any concerns at all, hang up immediately, pick up the phone again, dial the customer service line for the company," Sheppard said.

That's what the Gonzales family did, and that's why they didn't give up any money, the company told them to ignore the scammers.

Eyewitness News called the number the scammers gave to Mr. Gonzales and got only an answering machine.

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