Dispute leads to locked up dentures

Seven On Your Side
January 13, 2012 8:23:03 PM PST
Even plain water tastes delicious to 88-year-old Eva Israel.

She hasn't been able to eat solid food since before Thanksgiving.

"I feel horrible, I feel sick inside," said Marcia Lee, daughter.

Marcia's mom was once vibrant. But now dementia has stolen her mind and memories.

It also caused her to lose her upper dentures.

Marcia asked her mom's dentist for a rush job, he needed the lowers to make a mold.

But a couple weeks later there was trouble.

"The dentist got evicted, right and because the landlord and the dentist are in some kind of dispute my mother's property was held hostage inside the dental office. I attempted through the landlord to get the property out, and that failed. I tried the dentist, that failed," Lee said.

The doctor was locked out, leaving Eva totally toothless and on a liquid diet for more than a month.

She's lost five pounds so far.

"I don't know what I'm going to do," Lee said.

As her mom was wasting away before her eyes, she made one last desperate call.

"I decided to email 7 On Your Side and you responded the next day," Lee said.

By end of that day, 7 On Your Side got in touch with the dentist and the landlord.

The dentist blamed the landlord, saying he'd locked him out and wasn't allowing him in.

But the landlord disagreed, saying he wanted to allow the dentist's office manager in to locate the denture, but the dentist wouldn't allow it.

Yet 48 hours later, captured on cell phone camera was the landlord opening the office bright and early Sunday morning, allowing the dentist's office manager to look for Eva's long lost denture.

"They came out within minutes, and they had the bag of, her bottom teeth," Lee said.

Marcia's mom finally had her lower dentures back.

"I'm pretty tenacious and even the way I am it wasn't happening. So without you guys I know it never could have happened," Lee said.

Marcia and her mom aren't out of the woods yet.

They are back to square one. They're looking for a reputable dentist to complete the job in record time.


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