Young musicians meet Placido Domingo

January 18, 2012 6:13:22 PM PST
Some 9 and 10 year old budding musicians came face to face with Placido Domingo.

Julie Desbordes is now leading the group at PS 129 but Wednesday night, she stepped aside to let Domingo conduct.

Other students from PS 152 in Flatbush, Brooklyn joined them.

The performance was a fundraiser for the Harmony Program.

Every day after school, the kids spend two hours learning their instrument of choice or playing with the school orchestra.

It's modeled after a similar program in Venezuela.

The goal is through music, teach the children life lessons about commitment, discipline and staying focused.

"The kids who come in and have a lot of energy, we try to harness that energy and we see they can concentrate and can be persistent, even if things sometimes don't come easily to them, if they work at it they see their successes and then we get them hooked," said Anne Fitzgibbon, the Harmony Program founder.

The kids, along with their parents have to write an essay about why they want to take part in this program.

Mohamed did some research on the internet and fell in love with the trombone.

"It's kind of funny you can play an airplane sound and motorcycle sound and you can play it on a base trombone or a tenor trombone," said Mohamed Camara, a student.

But Wednesday night, they were shaking off last minute jitters, keeping in mind something they've already learned from being here.

"You have to go on even though you messed up, that's what is being a winner," Camara said.

For more information on the Harmony Program, please visit:

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