Iraq veteran's wheelchair stolen on Long Island

January 20, 2012 2:55:23 PM PST
Police on Long Island are investigating the theft of a wheelchair belonging to an injured Iraq war veteran.

He's a decorated war hero and has overcome adversity most people can't even imagine.

"Don't feel bad for me I'm ambulatory. I can walk around," Chris Levi said.

And yet Chris Levi has been victimized all over again.

The army corporal lost both legs when his truck hit an explosive while serving in Iraq.

And on Wednesday, someone came onto his family's Holbrook property and stole his wheelchair.

"Really pity the other person. They're the ones whose lives are so messed up they have to steal a wheelchair," Chris Levi said.

When he isn't using his prosthetic legs he uses a wheelchair to get around.

On Wednesday, he left the house for a quick errand in his specially modified sports car and left the chair, as he always does, on the lawn of his home on Mollie Boulevard.

But less than an hour later, he returned to find it missing.

He was forced to crawl, on two limbs into his house.

"What's most disturbing about the whole thing is the depth to which the human condition has descended," said Eric Levi, Chris' father.

His dad, Eric Levi, says he assumes it was an opportunistic lowlife, someone, he says, below maggot status who thought he could make a few bucks selling the chair for scrap metal.

"How do you take a wheelchair? What's next? We're going to knock over some old ladies with a bat or something like that? I mean it's just the lowest form of life on earth," Eric Levi said.

The actual wheelchair that's missing has an insignia of a purple heart on the back as an unmistakable tribute to Chris's sacrifice.

"On the small chance it was taken by somebody who needs it I wish them the best. On the chance it was taken by somebody who doesn't need it, I feel bad for you. I really do," Chris Levi said.

Chris isn't looking for anybody's sympathy, in fact, he doesn't even need a new wheelchair.

He's getting a new one from the VA, but he asked that people who want to help a hero like him donate to the Bulding Homes for Heros charity.

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