Tragedy turned into life saving transplant

February 3, 2012 2:26:03 PM PST
Dan Glover is one of those special people who is giving the precious gift of life.

"It just amazed me that he wanted to do such a gift like that," said Karyn Glover, Dan's mother.

As his family now deeply mourns the passing of this young 24-year old they also celebrate his choice to donate all of his organs prior to his death from a car crash.

"He's been giving blood since he was 17, so I knew he was interested in that, but I didn't know he was interested in giving all his organs," Karyn Glover said.

"Him donating his organs is a perfect reflection of who he was as a person," said Kristian Glover, Dan's sister.

A standout athlete in multiple sports, excelling in wrestling at Bergenfield High School, Dan came back to help coach current teams. He was always giving back.

"That's what he did in life. And in death his last act was to also give," said Raymond Glover, Dan's father.

Surgeons harvested all of his organs, and doctors sent his liver to New York Presbyterian Hospital, where a highly improbable match was made, his family said to Ed Mooney, his former little league baseball coach.

"He says, 'Karyn, how do I say thank you and I'm so sorry at the same time. I just can't.' And he broke up. It's just a miracle," Karyn Glover said.

The transplant took place on Tuesday.

"Losing a child, I think, has to be the hardest, and losing him and seeing the good that he is doing is carrying on and on and on," Karyn Glover said.

It's the gift of life, through a living legacy.

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