February Deals

February 1, 2012 2:05:35 PM PST
Anything associated with Valentine's Days is going to be really highly priced now, if you could wait just a week prices will get lower but you can't wait that week typically.

What you can do is think outside the Valentine's Day staples box. Forget the jewelry, chocolate, flowers and perfume and get something less predictable and more practical. You might be able to get something NOT at the highest price of the year!

DEALNEWS.COM tracks prices on most everything week to week. Dirt cheap right now, a romantic vacation, the warm winter has ski resorts slashing prices. You're going to get much lower prices just because there hasn't been much interest. Especially the hotel and the airfare, everything to go skiing.

February is also the month stores clear shelves to make room for new electronics. The latest technology in Gps units, laptops, tablets, and cameras was unveiled at the Consumer Electronics show in January. They announced all those new products and gadgets and that means that the old products are being discounted very steeply. The fact of the matter is most of those products are just as good as the old ones!

And with the Superbowl kicking off this weekend giant HD and LCD TVs are super deals. It's the really big ones 55 inches and higher that are at their all time low right now!

Just make sure you get off the couch during Presidents Day, the long holiday weekend spells sales galore, especially on outerwear. They've got to get rid of it, its preventing retailers from moving in their spring merchandise and Monday, February 20th, is going to be the best day to get those kind of items.