Panel votes to close 18 New York City schools

February 10, 2012 1:18:51 PM PST
A special panel voted late Thursday night to close several struggling New York City schools.

The Panel for Educational Policy voted to close all 18 city schools on the list, and decided to co-locate five others.

For the past two months, the panel has monitored the schools, and listened to what parents and the communities involved had to say about the proposals.

Rarely has the crippling frustration of parents whose schools have failed their children been more raw and visible than at the Department of Education meeting at Brooklyn Technical High School Thursday night.

They chanted, they shouted and with fists raised in the air, they cursed the DOE for the plan to close the failing schools.

For much of the meeting, it was as if two separate groups occupied the same theater.

As the crowd shouted and vowed defiance, the board sat quietly, checking their cell phones for messages and scratching their heads in frustration.

It was, to be sure, what happens when the Occupy Wall Street crowd, takes over a public hearing, which isn't to say that there weren't valid opinions on both sides.

But some people brought their children to this hearing, and it was hardly a good example of civil public discourse.

The schools now set to close are:


1. Samuel Gompers Career and Technical Education High School (07X655) - Phase Out
2. Gateway School for Environmental Research and Technology (08X295) - Phase Out
3. Jane Addams High School for Academic Careers (08X650) - Phase Out
4. Grace Dodge Career and Technical Education High School (10X660) - Phase Out
5. Aspire Preparatory Middle School (11X322) - Phase Out


6. Satellite Three Middle School (13K103) - Phase Out
7. Academy of Business and Community Development (13K336) - Closure
8. P.S. 019 Roberto Clemente (14K019) - Phase Out
9. P.S. 22 (17K022) - Phase Out
10. International Arts Business School (17K544) - Phase Out
11. Middle School for the Arts (17K587) - Phase Out
12. General D. Chappie James Elementary School of Science (23K631) - Phase Out
13. The Anna Gonzalez Community School (32K296) - Phase Out


14. Legacy School for Integrated Studies (02M429) - Phase Out
15. Washington Irving High School (02M460) in Building M460 - Phase Out
16. Manhattan Theatre Lab High School (03M283) - Phase Out


17. P.S. 215 Lucretia Mott (27Q215) - Phase Out


18. P.S. 14 Cornelius Vanderbilt (31R014) - Phase Out

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