19-year-old beaten by several police officers

February 9, 2012 2:45:42 PM PST
In the video you can see several police officers surround Jateik Reed. He is then thrown to the ground and an officer starts to hit him with a baton. Jateik can be seen struggling.

He was then kicked by one of the officers. It's a violent confrontation that Jateik's attorney now claims was not instigated by the 19 year old.

"I really can't even sleep anymore because I constantly have nightmares day after day," Reed said, "I have nightmares over and over."

With family and supporters around him, Jateik's side of the events in that video came out. His attorney says he and two friends were confronted by police.

"One of those police officers in the van was the instigator of the aggression against our client," said Defense Attorney Michael Warren.

Warren goes on to accuse that officer of striking the first blows.

"After striking the initial blow, our client was then jumped on by a number of other officers," Warren said.

The police's version of what happened on this sidewalk differs greatly.

According to court documents, officers spot Jateik allegedly holding, "A white, rock-like substance, which he threw to the ground" and "two clear plastic bags, each containing a dried green leafy substance with a distinctive odor."

As an officer moves in to arrest Jateik, according to the court documents, "the defendant flailed his arms, refusing to be handcuffed" A second officer moved in and "the defendant struck informant [the officer] in his nose with a closed fist" and "the defendant struck informant's cheek with his head."

"If, in fact, an officer sustained an injury, it is as a result of the wolf-pact type of engagement in which they jumped our client," Warren said.

Later, Schuan Reed, his mother, was arrested after challenging police.

"I wouldn't wish something like that on my worst enemy. Nobody deserves to beaten like that," Reed said.

The family is calling for an independent prosecutor to take the case, and issuing a warning to young men.

"Be careful," said Father Rev. Bernard Walker, "Think twice when you react or before you make a comment to the police about anything because anything can trigger something."

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