Heist at Newark Airport an inside job

February 9, 2012 2:39:21 PM PST
There are serious new questions about airport security after robbers pulled off a brazen heist at a place you'd think would be safe: inside a terminal at Newark Airport.

"In the Port Authority, we're always concerned about terrorism because we're a target," said Michael Fedorko, PA Police Superintendent.

It was a takedown in Terminal A.

The surveillance video from June 2010 when two masked men burst into the Grain Station Management Office at Newark Airport at 11:30 at night.

Armed with a wrench and duct tape, they beat up and tie up the manager, and run off with $20,000.

"He was punched and kicked, he sustained cuts," said Lt. Kevin Brennan, Port Authority Police.

The manager struggled to free himself a little bit and got away, but he stumbled out of the office, and back into the swath of the robbers.

"He's tied up, that's the point when he gets out and gets help," said Det. Larry Mays, Port Authority Police.

But that time, you see the suspect's face on the surveillance video.

That helped investigators to later determine the strong arm robbery was a conspiracy by three men. All on an inside job.

Police say Jihad A. Bey was an employee who gave his neighborhood buddies the access codes.

The masked men have been identified as Ibn Corley, who was just arrested Thursday, and Taliv Amos, who was already in jail on murder charges.

The secure area where the robbery went down was just a steps away from the security gate and employees before the checkpoint aren't screened as thoroughly.

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