Ramos' attorney argues for lower bail

February 10, 2012 3:09:25 PM PST
There are new developments in the case of that veteran NYPD cop at the center of the ticket fixing probe.

Jose Ramos, in jail, unable to post his $500,000 bail, spoke exclusively to Investigative Reporter Sarah Wallace.

Ramos' attorney requested a new bail package Friday arguing $500,000 cash is punitive and excessive.

"You're accused of dealing drugs, robbing people, shaking them down," Wallace said.

"Never," Ramos said.

"None of that?" Wallace asked.

"None of that," Ramos said.

Jose Ramos is now entering his 4th month behind bars on Rikers, unable to post his $500,000 cash bail.

The 40th precinct cop was the original target of an undercover probe that began in 2008, stemming from a tip about drug dealing and other illegal activities at Ramos' family-owned barbershop in the Bronx.

"I think I spoke inappropriately, I think I may have done things in bad judgment, but I did not do what I'm being accused of," Ramos said.

But, prosecutors have claimed they have him on video and audio tapes.

"Are you worried about what they have on tape?" Wallace asked.

"I'm not worried about how things are being twisted and how things are being made out to something they're really not," Ramos said.

The probe that started with Ramos expanded when he was allegedly caught on a wiretap talking about fixing tickets.

15 other cops were also eventually snagged in the scandal, but they all got released on low, or no bail.

"I knew in my heart I'm being railroaded here. I'm being thrown under the bus. I'm taking the heat for everyone who's in here today," Ramos said.

The heat has been difficult for his family-including his two grown children who support their dad 100%.

"And all those allegations that are so serious and make him look so bad?" Wallace asked.

"Well, he can't. It's not even possible. He's been so involved in our lives and he's been around so much. It's not possible," Jose Ramos, Jr. said.

"There's absolutely nothing you could tell us to make us believe anything," Nicole Ramos said.

"They're saying he's not only a dirty cop, but he's a robber and a drug dealer," Wallace said.

"He's not, he's not," Nicole Ramos said.

"That isn't even in his personality, in his character. Anybody who knows him knows that," Jose Ramos, Jr. said.

His friends, including this one who set up a non-profit sports group for inner city kids with Ramos, are supporting him too by offering their property as collateral for bail.

"I'm like a brother to him, my family is willing to put up our house," said Dave Ramos, Jose's best friend.

Friday, Ramos' attorney presented a new bail package to the District Attorney's office, arguing $500,000 cash bail is excessive.

"It's punitive, it's a bail no one can reach," said Rita Dave, Jose Ramos' defense attorney, "He went on vacation during this investigation and he returned to America. If he didn't flee then, he isn't going to flee now."

"Do you think you're being scapegoated?" Wallace asked.

"Most definitely," Ramos said, "The things that are wrong with the police department I'm not going to take the blame for."

Early next week his attorney will file an emergency motion to get him released on bond. He has agreed to wear a monitoring bracelet and surrender his passport.


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