Homeowner battles dangerous curve

Seven On Your Side
February 10, 2012 8:14:49 PM PST
Many city residents feel they need stop signs, speed bumps or traffic lights near their homes, but one homeowner captured the reason why on video.

He took that evidence to 7 On Your Side and they got big results.

You know the curve next to your house is dangerous.

"They're coming around too fast," said Alex Trombettini, homeowner.

When cars lose control they go right through his fence.

It's happened numerous times.

The fourth time was last Thanksgiving morning.

A surveillance video shows a car almost taking out an oncoming driver, but this time, slides the other way into the woods.

"They do at least 50 coming around here, 40-50 and when you make that turn they lose control," Trombettini said.

Homeowner Alex Trombettini was sick of hit and run drivers flattening his fence.

So, he put up surveillance cameras to catch them.

It worked.

Following the crash, a police officer came running out before the driver could run.

"He was trying to put the car in reverse, there was a patrol car coming this way, did a U-turn and good thing the cops were here," Trombettini said.

With all these accidents on videotape, Al hoped to get someone's attention before a pedestrian on the sidewalk got struck or there's a head on collision.

Trombettini says that he would like a guardrail installed.

But, despite police reports and 311 complaints to the city, the homeowner says nothing happened.

He not only has to keep shelling out thousands every time his fence and trees get taken out, he's afraid to let his grandkids outside to play.

"If they're in the yard and a car comes right through, who knows what going to stop them next. That car that went through the fence," Trombettini said.

7 On Your Side sent all the home video to the DOT and shared it with Staten Island Councilman, Joe Ignizio.

"We need to let people know this curve is there. If you don't know this community, you don't know about his curve, you may in fact go into the other lane and be near oncoming traffic," Councilman Ignizio said.

Eyewitness News asked Ignizio about perhaps lowering the speed limit in that bend.

"Well that's something I think will come absolutely," Councilman Ignizio said.

Weeks later 7 On Your Side got results!

The 30 mph speed limit sign has been taken down, and it's now 25 mph in each direction, and there was more good news: guardrails were approved for the location as well.

"Oh! We're getting a guardrail," Trombettini said.

The DOT said they never received any of Alex's complaints.

But, after 7 On Your Side raised the flag, guardrails will be installed on both sides of the curve on Amboy Road.

"I want to thank 7 On Your Side first off for making this an issue for us and we appreciate it and the gentleman who brought you the videos," Councilman Ignizio said.

"Very good, excellent, thank you!" Trombettini said.

Installation for the guardrails is scheduled for spring.


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