Odd sleep behaviors

February 13, 2012 1:51:23 PM PST
We have all heard of or been guilty of driving and texting and texting at inappropriate times. But now there is a new texting issue to add to the list, sleep texting.

"Nine times out of 10, I have no idea I'd texted you in the middle of the night or I responded to a text, or even during the daytime." says Kandi Gay.

Kandi Gay is a paramedic working long hours, days and nights. But when she goes to sleep, she often continues to work, sending text messages with no memory of doing it.

"I'd go back and look at my text messages and have full on conversations." says Gay

Her father Wayne has witnessed it for years.

"I'll come in and see her texting. She'll be up in the air with her eyes closed. She'll have her phone texting." says Gay's father.

So far, Kandi says she never texted or said anything awkward or regrettable.

"They say I talk normal. It sounds like I'm wide awake." says Gay

From sleep texting, to sleep eating, sleep experts say those dealing with the disorders share common traits.

"They're not totally in a deep sleep, but they're not completely awake in their consciousness. So they're in a limbo state, and that's where they act and do these things." says Dr. Akshay Mahadevia who treats sleep disorders.

It's thought that stress may play a role. If you're in overdrive texting all day, it's hard to shut down at night. And there's no question, the problem is worsened with some sleep medications.

The package insert of Ambien, for example, warns of so called complex behaviors including, sleep driving, preparing and eating food, making phone calls and even having sex.

One simple solution for sleep texting, keep your smartphone away from your bed. Even better if it's out of the bedroom.

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